“Lauren was very effective in helping to create a calm, no pressure, mentally safe atmosphere during the birth. She was there when I needed her but was able to tell when I needed my space. Josiah’s birth was a VBAC with no medication. He ended up weighing almost 10 pounds as well. Afterward the doctors said that my labor experience was relatively short in comparison to others who had been induced. I credit that to Lauren and her expertise with different positions. If I have any more children, Lauren will be there. She was amazing.” –Erin (VBAC mom)


“I am so grateful to have had Lauren with me during the birth of my son. She helped me immensely with a very difficult back labor, suggesting different positions and coaching my boyfriend and mother who were also there to help. She was awesome!”  — Sara (mother of two)


“Lauren was very attentive, and informative. She is full of compassion which was much appreciated. She helped so much when I was in active labor and in excruciating pain, with breathing and positioning. After I delivered, she helped me to bathe and get comfortable. Lauren was there for my partner as well, making sure he was informed, comfortable, and part of the  decision making. We had a great experience with Lauren and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for doula  services.”  — October (new mom)


“Lauren was wonderfully compassionate. While soft spoken, do not mistake that for inexperience or weakness! Loved her.” — Rachel (new mom)


“All during the labor, nurses would sporadically show up to check monitors etc. But there was no nurse who came in and stayed for any amount of time to encourage or keep us informed… So what did Lauren do? She stepped in and gave encouragement, explained things, and was a huge calming influence. With her soft-spoken manner she gave suggestions and helped to find comfortable positions that [the dad] and I never would have known. She knew how to handle the situation. We worked together to help hold and support my daughter as she gave birth. When J. was born, it felt like Lauren was just as happy and excited as everyone else. You never know what you’ll need when you’re giving birth. I got to find out just how much value a doula can be.”  — Susan (grandmother/birth partner)


“Lauren was extremely compassionate and professional.” — Lisa (R.N.)


“I witnessed [Lauren’s] primary concern was her laboring client. She tried very tactfully to address patient’s concerns and honor my requests as a nurse. She offered the patient a wide variety of comfort measures to aid in coping with the birthing process.” — Judy (R.N.)


“Due to circumstances beyond our control, our baby came too quickly for Lauren to meet us at the hospital. However, she prepared myself and my husband so well that I can say she was an amazing help for our birth! Her support before and postpartum was amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”  — Lisa (first time mom, unplanned cesarean)

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