Meet Lauren

My name is Lauren Noone. I live in the Pioneer Valley with my husband Josh, our son Ryder, daughter Fiona, and our dog Juno in an old house in the woods with plenty of “character.” I love gardening and farmer’s markets, hiking, live music (especially hubby’s band The Federal Crime!); I love campfires and canoeing, dogs and horses, thrift shop finds and good red wine. But I am totally and completely in love with being a mom, and witnessing other women becoming moms. And so…. here I am!


I’ve always been drawn to working with children and families. I loved my work in a therapeutic horsemanship program and later a busy equestrian center, but it was bringing people into the woods for nature programs that really helped me to learn to appreciate the slimy as well as the beautiful, and to embrace what we cannot control.


When I became pregnant with my son, my focus turned to babies. It was hard to think of anything else! I found myself noticing babies and bellies everywhere, and feeling a connection with these other mothers although they were strangers. Something in the knowledge that we all were designed to do something so incredible – and were doing it – moved me.


My own birth experience – particularly the loving support I received throughout – inspired me to become a doula.  I knew I wanted to give that support back in some way. I trained with CAPPA to become a Labor Doula in July of 2012, and instantly knew that this avenue felt right. The lessons I’ve learned in my previous endeavors will be carried with me. I hope that my work will help other women to feel empowered about their births and mothering skills, and positive about their experiences.


In addition to being a doula, I am a full time mom to my amazing son Ryder and brand new daughter Fiona. We have so much fun together! They inspire me every day and fuel my excitement for other parents to experience similar joys.


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